13 Weeks of Wandering

13 Weeks of Wandering

Bangkok | Cambodia | Vietnam | Laos
New York >> Miami | Portland >> Vancouver

Let yourself feel free...


If your read April’s “Not Giving Up” posts (Part Two & Part Three), you would have seen that I will be venturing into the world of solo travel on Saturday 3rd July for 13 1/2 weeks.

I’m super excited for this new adventure and keen to share it with you all, so here’s my itinerary again in case you missed it in April’s post:

  • 3rd June fly to Bangkok
  • 5th June Tour from Bangkok through Cambodia and end up in Vietnam
  • Make my own way up Vietnam and into Laos
  • Make my own way back to Bangkok for my flight home on 15th July
  • 16th July fly to New York
  • Road trip down East Coast (via Maryland and Virginia to see family and attend a Wedding) ending in Miami!
  • 21st August fly from Miami to Portland
  • Meet Ryan!
  • Road trip up to Canada
  • 5th September fly home in time for a wedding in Scotland on 8th September

Ok, I know what you’re thinking; “How is this going to work?”, “That’s a pretty full schedule!”, “Are you actually going on your own?”, “What are you packing?”… Am I right?

All of your questions (and more) will be answered! Keep an eye out for my travel posts titled “13 Weeks of Wandering” as you follow my year’s journey.

I will also link each travel blog below as they become available so that you can revisit any you have missed.

13 Weeks of Wandering
Blog Posts

13 WoW – Destination: Heathrow
Arriving in Doha
13 WoW – Destination: Bangkok
13Wow - Bangkok
13 WoW – Bangkok


13 WoW – Destination: Cambodia


beach cambodia
13 WoW – In Cambodia
Nha Trang - vendor
13 WoW – Destination: Vietnam


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