November Month 11: Technology Diet

Challenge: To give up Social Media
Charity: Be@titudes
Total time accrued: 0 hrs
Thoughts: Do more things that make you forget to look at your phone.

The Eleventh Challenge: Less Technology, More Reality


My most controversial and most difficult challenge yet, why on earth would I want to go on a technology diet?! And what even does that mean?


To quote Social Media Today, “Astonishingly, the average person will spend nearly two hours (approximately 116 minutes) on social media everyday, which translates to a total of 5 years and 4 months spent over a lifetime.”

That’s just us on our phones flicking through youtube, insta, twitter, snapchat and facebook, it doesn’t take into account how much time we spend watching TV, browsing the web, playing online games, other phone apps etc. And personally, I think they’re being generous, I’m definitely on there more than two hours some days – and teens now practically live their lives through social apps.


Now, I’m definitely not a techno-phobe and I don’t think technology is evil that is destroying our lives. In fact, I think the opposite, if used correctly social media (and technology in general) is a very useful tool for the advancement of mankind and an empowering tool for those who otherwise would not have a voice. But, having said that, if used incorrectly it can be a tool for destructive, addictive and anti-social behaviour.


Why? Why? Why…. ???


So why am I doing this challenge?

To see if I can! To measure exactly how reliant I am on Social Media and see if maybe getting out of touch with technology might put me more in touch with reality.

Why only Social Media, why not all technology?

Because in the modern age, I would be unlikely to be able to survive without technology. Although, having lived in Ghana previously, I certainly know a trick or two on survival when technology fails. But everything from electricity (a.k.a being able to turn the lights on, heating, cooker, fridge etc.) to vehicles (i.e. getting to work every day, getting to the shops to buy food etc.) is technology. And although I would love to experiment with going back to Sa Pa and living in the mountains with Mama May, this challenge is only for 30 days and I do intend to resume normal life afterwards (but more in touch with reality and less attached to Social Media).

I toyed with the idea of banning all screens completely, but then I realised I work in front of screens all day. Being realistic, it was far more feasible that I cut out an element of technology that I have relied on every day – that just so happens to be Social Media.


The Plan


So for one whole month… that is 30 whole days, I will be deleting Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Pinterest and after much deliberation, Whatsapp! If you need me, you can write a letter to me, or use that ancient really outdated form of communication – telephone calls. Eeew, what even is that? Isn’t that just for PPI?

If I find myself checking Social Media on the sly, I will be donating in hours rather than pounds! Because Social Media eats up so many hours of our life, I’m going to be claiming some of those hours for good. These hours will go towards my final month; Volunteering!


For every day I sneak in Social Media, I will give an hour to volunteer at Dorking Be@ttitudes. They are a children’s shop, with a play area for children to use their imaginations and interact with one another while parents relax, shop or share stories. It’s intention is to be a community project, bringing people together, where all local parents and children are welcomed in.

I love projects like be@ttitudes, because they give a safe environment for children and parents to visit and interact when they may otherwise have been sat alone at home in front of a screen.

No idea how this will go, or what I will do to entertain myself, but for now it’s au revoir le Social Media!


P.S. This post was scheduled in advance and I will not be posting again until 1st December! 


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