October Month 10: Sugar Free (Part One)

Challenge: To go Sugar Free
Charity: Diabetes UK
Total £ accrued: £1
Thoughts: A healthy body is an investment into your future.

The Tenth Challenge: Going Sugar Free

Who’s Idea was that?!

The question I’ve been asking myself all day as I wrestled with food packages to try to find out what doesn’t contain sugar. I didn’t really help myself when I ended the last month on a massive sugar binge. Not by choice really, but having the Wedding of my gorgeous friend & her lovely man on the 30th meant that there was plenty of sugary treats to indulge in, not least of all the alcohol. What would you do?? Don’t answer.

I have to big up my best friend’s mum though as I started this sugar free adventure over at their place and after my pointing out that both the sauce and the powder of the fajita packet contained sugar, she made me my very own sugar free fajitas! We then all enjoyed some sugar free cake

sugar free 2

At breakfast time, I hadn’t had much more luck, realising that all of the yogurt was made with sugar, all cereal and even some of the cheese. I was gutted when I found out that bacon also has sugar – it seems rather pointless to me seeing as it’s supposed to be salty. I had to dig deep to find them, but I was relieved to be able to put this breakfast together.

sugar free 1

So pretty much a terrible idea, because sugar is in EVERYTHING! That sort of scares me actually, because I thought I was pretty healthy before with a few treats from time to time. But it’s clear to see, that I eat so much more sugar than I even know about!

No Added Sugar


It would have been easy to say “oh lets just avoid desserts or additional sweet things” rather than scan packets and google food products to find out what does and does not contain sugar. But I want to have a slightly ‘all or nothing’ approach, in the sense that I want to see what I can eat if I cut out any added sugars!


I will be using substitutes like honey or maple syrup when desperate measures are required but they will be kept to a minimum. And I look forward to giving you some ideas of sugar free meals!

healthy 0

My main concern with this is that I am really going to have to start cooking creatively and paying attention to everything I buy and eat. I have a pinterest board for ideas but I pretty much have to say goodbye to eating out and to drinking (I already failed on the latter when I totally forgot and ordered myself a G&T on day 1).

For every time I consume added sugars, it will be £1 to Diabetes UK, a UK-based patient, healthcare professional and research charity that cares for, connects with and campaigns on behalf of all people affected by and at risk of diabetes.

Wish me luck, and don’t feed me sugar!


Part Two


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