July Month 7: Water (Part One)

Challenge: Drink Water!!
Charity: Tearfund
Total £ accrued: £1
Status: There’s no feeling quite as terrible as of a stomach full of water.

The Seventh Challenge: To Drink Water

It’s really unfortunate that I begin this challenge in the most rural of areas and not in the comfort of my own home. With frequent need for a bathroom and little more than a hole in the ground available (if indeed a bathroom is nearby), it makes this challenge more… challenging?

Water? Really?

Yes water! And it’s not because I couldn’t think of anything better. It’s because I hate the taste of water (please, let me stop you there with your “but it doesn’t taste of anything”)! Sorry people! But the taste of nothing is just so unappealing.

So I have a bit of a problem, in that, I don’t drink water. In fact, I just don’t drink. The trick to not drinking is to wait until you get a dehydration headache and then down a 200ml mixture of diorralyte. It’s true, it sorts me out within half an hour (it’s also a hangover cure, you’re welcome)!

Tip: In order to truly rehydrate, you don’t just need water- you need electrolytes to help you absorb it. Try having a packet of salty crisps with your water.

The other thing I hate so much about drinking is the inconvenience of needing to go for a wee… frequently!

They say the reason you pee a lot when you go out drinking is because alcohol is a diuretic, but for me it’s normally that I just haven’t consumed that much liquid in days!

Taste Acquisition

When I see all you water lovers guzzling it down like it’s milk and honey (neither of which I would guzzle down but you get the picture), I do think you are crazy. But a part of me wonders if just maybe water is an acquired taste, sort of like wine. I remember the days when I looked at the grown ups with their wine glasses and thought “eugh, why do they like that gone off grape juice?!”

So I’m hoping that this is just another one of those “things”.

But for now, I’m sat here in my “hotel room” in Laos (it’s actually closer to a mud hut) forcing the water down like a dirty pint, having just been for my third pee in three minutes.

I’m actually scared to leave the room in case I wet myself, plus it’s raining heavily outside which really doesn’t help.

The Challenge

I’m going to be real with you, Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor was my bladder. So, although the recommended daily water intake is 2 litres, I am not going to pretend I can manage it. So, the challenge is to have at least 1 litre (seriously cringing as I say it) of water a day.

It has to be clear water, not mixed with anything.

If not, it will be £1 (because I’m currently poor, especially as the last month just wiped me out) to Tearfund who provide clean water and sanitation in impoverished communities.

Wish me luck, I’m going to need it!

Part Two


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