April Month 4: Not Giving Up (Part One)

Challenge: Don’t Give Up, Stick at things!
Charity: The Natashas Project
Total £ accrued: £0
Status: Looking forward to this month’s task!

The Fourth Challenge: Not Giving Up


“One of the hardest parts of life is deciding whether to walk away or try harder.” – One Tree Hill

I have always struggled with being a bit of a quitter; when things get hard I struggle to find the willpower to put in the effort it takes to work at things. I’ve found myself (at different stages of life) wanting to give up on dreams, goals, people (including myself), relationships and even (to an extent) life.

I found a thought-provoking quote by an unknown author that said, “If you give up, it means you never wanted it.”

And to an extent, I agree. Because sometimes giving up is your way of telling yourself that you don’t value what you are doing. But I have struggled with depression, anxiety and the feeling of not being good enough. And I believe, a lot of the time, the desire to give up stems from the fear of rejection.

So I am going to be facing my fear of rejection and of failure, I will be focusing on finding value in what I set myself to do. The challenge will be to ‘stick at it’ with my goals and my challenges and not give up!


How will I do this?

What I love about the charity I have chosen this month is that I know how hard the founder, a good friend of mine, has worked to set up this amazing project which is a merger of two things she has been passionate about for as long as I have known her; dance and putting a stop to human trafficking. A perfect example of not giving up on your dreams and goals.

Don't let your dreams burn out...

I will be focusing on:

  • Persevering with my goals
  • Following up on my dreams
  • Sticking at tasks and goals I set myself out to do
  • Taking the chance despite fear of failure & rejection
  • Finding the value in everything I do

For every time I give up, I will give out £2 to The Natashas Project!

Part Two



4 thoughts on “April Month 4: Not Giving Up (Part One)

  1. Bless you, Mary. A verse given to me when I was much younger was ‘Do not give up, your work will be rewarded’. 1 Chronicles 15?
    It doesn’t always feel like a reward is a possibility for what we do, and sometimes what we do can seem futile and worthless (in our eyes), but it’s the keeping on with running the race that is important and looking forward to the goal for which you have been called. God gives you vision and dreams. In the end, He is our vision, our hope and our dream. Our work then becomes only to believe. And faith always brings a reward. Xxx

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