March Month 3: Positivity & Thankfulness (Part Four)

Challenge: Be Positive, Be Thankful
Charity: Operation Restoration
Total £ accrued: £18
Positive Thought: “The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.” – Marcus Aurelius

The Third Challenge: Being Positive & Thankful Continued…


One thing I have learned this month is how a simple “thank you” can brighten up someone’s day, or even week! I have found great reward in taking time to provide some positive feedback when given the opportunity – particularly to those who serve me, whether a member of staff at the local supermarket or colleague at work who takes time to help.

Taking time to write to companies, particularly about a member of staff can make a world of difference to how that person’s career goes, or how that person feels about working there.

Think of how often you feel like your hard work goes unseen? We all often go above and beyond, and go the extra mile (or extra 10 miles sometimes), but in the current culture we all have started to expect more and more for less. I believe saying “thank you” more and complaining less could lead to breaking down this entitled culture and therefore relieve some of the unrealistic pressures of society.


National Kindness Day


Okay, so I didn’t actually plan this, but it was only as I was watching the news this morning that I found out today is National Kindness Day!
And what a day to end this month with – talk about going out with a bang.

So today is going to be one final push for positivity and thankfulness and I am absolutely determined to stay positive, jump on every opportunity to be thankful and fit in at least one random act of kindness today.

“How do we change the world? One single Act of Random Kindness at a time.” – Morgan Freeman, Bruce Almighty


The Conclusion

Success rate: 58%
Cost per fail per day: £1
Money raised for charity: £18

How have I done?

I am going to rate myself with thumbs up for each of my targets below so you can see which areas were a struggle and which were a breeze (if any)!

  • Looking for the good in every circumstance 
  • Finding something to be thankful for, even when I feel sad 
  • Choosing to be positive in all situations 
  • Not complaining, thanking instead 
  • Building up, not criticising 
  • One posititive/thankful thought a day 

The Charity

If you are looking for an opportunity today to show kindness in support of National Kindness Day, then consider giving to my charity of the month, Operation Restoration.
You will see from my previous post how much they do to help get children off the streets of Bolivia and restore their lives in such incredible ways.

Donate or Sponsor a Child.

Will I carry on?IMG_5328

Absolutely! This is something that I definitely want to stick to throughout the rest of my year, it has really transformed the way I look at life and brightened my outlook. Let me know if you have tried a month of positivity or thankfulness before and how it went in the comments below.

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